One Amazing Thing

For my freshman seminar, I was assigned a book to read, annotate, and study for discussion. That book is One Amazing Thing by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. And it’s not a terrible read, actually. Although the ending was not to my taste. After this point, there are a few potential spoilers. The story takes place in an Indian […]

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More Scholarships

Ok. It’s not that I hate scholarships. I love the fact that I can get free money. The part that I hate is the endless applying for the free money. Because God knows that I’m broke. So, I have to think about what exactly I have done in the past four years of my life. […]

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Ok, I am not a person that enjoys confrontation. But I have discovered that I am weirdly good at debating. It’s almost scary. I brought a girl to the verge of frustrated tears. And I felt horrible about that. But I really loved arguing my point. Debating, I’m sure, has many benefits. That is why […]

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So, Wednesday. Remediation. Yay! (Yes, that is sarcasm. Well not really. I have art for my remediation.) But yeah. So, today the school decided to offer a challenge. The rules were to build the tallest structure using string, duct tape, and 20 pieces of dried spaghetti. The goal was for the structure to hold a marshmallow […]

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Spanish…. Again

I warned you I would talk about this shit hole of a class again. Which, bu the way, it sucks. Senior year mood is hitting hard and I don’t want to do anything more than I have to do to pass. I’m tired of killing myself over grades. I have already been accepted to multiple […]

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Such a happy topic, I know. My state has this program called VIP For A VIP. It’s to prevent distracted and drunk driving. And it’s a great program. Because so many teens die in car accidents. My dad’s a fireman, paid and volunteer. So he sees a lot of accidents and deaths. And I don’t […]

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Please allow me to warn you that I completely suck at Spanish. I love the culture. I love the history. I just cannot do the Spanish class to save my life. I go every day. I ask questions. I take good notes. I don’t fall asleep. I’m a good student overall. But oh my god […]

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I am currently in an art class right now. It is the definition of amazing. We recently did a photo shoot to display what art is to ourselves. I wanted to share my top five. These are my photos. This shows what perspectives I take on the world. I am generally looking up at something […]

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Oh my god. Let it be known that teachers job are a hell of a job. The reason I say this is because I assist in two classes this semester. And it is insane. You don’t get thanked. Kids blame you for their bad grades. You get cussed out. You end up wanting to curse the […]

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