One Amazing Thing

For my freshman seminar, I was assigned a book to read, annotate, and study for discussion. That book is One Amazing Thing by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. And it’s not a terrible read, actually. Although the ending was not to my taste. After this point, there are a few potential spoilers. The story takes place in an Indian […]


Ok, I am not a person that enjoys confrontation. But I have discovered that I am weirdly good at debating. It’s almost scary. I brought a girl to the verge of frustrated tears. And I felt horrible about that. But I really loved arguing my point. Debating, I’m sure, has many benefits. That is why […]


Such a happy topic, I know. My state has this program called VIP For A VIP. It’s to prevent distracted and drunk driving. And it’s a great program. Because so many teens die in car accidents. My dad’s a fireman, paid and volunteer. So he sees a lot of accidents and deaths. And I don’t […]


I am currently in an art class right now. It is the definition of amazing. We recently did a photo shoot to display what art is to ourselves. I wanted to share my top five. These are my photos. This shows what perspectives I take on the world. I am generally looking up at something […]