Living Alone

I am a freshman in college, and I have suffered and survived a full semester. As I head into my second semester I have realized the power of living alone. In a dorm. Let me start off by saying, I was making myself physically sick worrying about having a roommate. I also did not vet […]

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Do you ever see how power can be intoxicating? How people can become drunk with power? People abuse power as well. In how they make decisions, it can be obvious how people in power work. Snape abused power. Voldemort wanted power. Umbridge was the worst character to have power. But they all had power over […]

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A Guy…

There’s a guy. Hah. Isn’t that the start of┬áliterally every young adult novel? So, a guy. He’d never like me. And he is way to young for me. Too smart for me. Has been on more dates than I could ever dream up going on. He dates thin girls, that are always happy. I am […]

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Blame Yourself

You You blame yourself for how I am For my tears For my fears You blame yourself Notice something? It says “my” Not “you” It has nothing to do with you My fear of life My fear of living My sadness on Earth My ocean of tears Crashing against the shores of my fears My […]

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What Did I Do?

What did I do? I won. I listened. I obeyed. I did not fight you. What did I do? To make it worth hating you. What? I won. I listened. I obeyed. I am destroyed by your words that cut me like blades I am killed every day seeing you here In my home Where […]

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A hit That never bruises A cut That doesn’t bleed. This is something This is what I live with Yelling That cuts sharper than any knife Words That will bruise as black as his soul. This is something. This is my life I cannot be free I am pinned I am trapped. I cannot breath. […]

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More Scholarships

Ok. It’s not that I hate scholarships. I love the fact that I can get free money. The part that I hate is the endless applying for the free money. Because God knows that I’m broke. So, I have to think about what exactly I have done in the past four years of my life. […]

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Spanish…. Again

I warned you I would talk about this shit hole of a class again. Which, bu the way, it sucks. Senior year mood is hitting hard and I don’t want to do anything more than I have to do to pass. I’m tired of killing myself over grades. I have already been accepted to multiple […]

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Calm Before The Storm

How corny of a title is that? I’m just going to go with it. I have had this eerie sense of calm come over me recently. As of right now, I am marking it up to senioritis. But, it’s weird. I’m never calm, to begin with, and then this is just so┬ánot me that it’s […]

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