Let me begin by wishing you all a happy holidays! It’s the season for it. I hope you have a happy get together planned. Now. As I may have mentioned before. I celebrate Christmas with the rest of my family. We’re big on holidays as a general rule. You will then begin to wonder why […]

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A Guy…

There’s a guy. Hah. Isn’t that the start of literally every young adult novel? So, a guy. He’d never like me. And he is way to young for me. Too smart for me. Has been on more dates than I could ever dream up going on. He dates thin girls, that are always happy. I am […]

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What Did I Do?

What did I do? I won. I listened. I obeyed. I did not fight you. What did I do? To make it worth hating you. What? I won. I listened. I obeyed. I am destroyed by your words that cut me like blades I am killed every day seeing you here In my home Where […]

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A hit That never bruises A cut That doesn’t bleed. This is something This is what I live with Yelling That cuts sharper than any knife Words That will bruise as black as his soul. This is something. This is my life I cannot be free I am pinned I am trapped. I cannot breath. […]

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So, Wednesday. Remediation. Yay! (Yes, that is sarcasm. Well not really. I have art for my remediation.) But yeah. So, today the school decided to offer a challenge. The rules were to build the tallest structure using string, duct tape, and 20 pieces of dried spaghetti. The goal was for the structure to hold a marshmallow […]

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Oh my god. Let it be known that teachers job are a hell of a job. The reason I say this is because I assist in two classes this semester. And it is insane. You don’t get thanked. Kids blame you for their bad grades. You get cussed out. You end up wanting to curse the […]

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