One Amazing Thing

For my freshman seminar, I was assigned a book to read, annotate, and study for discussion. That book is One Amazing Thing by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. And it’s not a terrible read, actually. Although the ending was not to my taste. After this point, there are a few potential spoilers. The story takes place in an Indian […]


Ok, I am not a person that enjoys confrontation. But I have discovered that I am weirdly good at debating. It’s almost scary. I brought a girl to the verge of frustrated tears. And I felt horrible about that. But I really loved arguing my point. Debating, I’m sure, has many benefits. That is why […]


Happy Easter! Or whatever! Yeah. So. Holidays in my family are an absolute hell. My mum has two sisters that are married with kids. And we are loud. Like extremely loud. We have gotten noise complaints from neighbours about our noise level. So, yeah, loud ass family. That’s us. Also, appreciate that my dad hates […]