Descendants 2 Review

I am a bit late to the game on this, but Descendants 2 premiered on Disney Channel on July 31. I did not get a chance to watch it live, but I have watched it online more recently. And I have to say, it’s honestly amazing. Though the ending is a bit dissatisfying. I must […]

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Blame Yourself

You You blame yourself for how I am For my tears For my fears You blame yourself Notice something? It says “my” Not “you” It has nothing to do with you My fear of life My fear of living My sadness on Earth My ocean of tears Crashing against the shores of my fears My […]

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What Did I Do?

What did I do? I won. I listened. I obeyed. I did not fight you. What did I do? To make it worth hating you. What? I won. I listened. I obeyed. I am destroyed by your words that cut me like blades I am killed every day seeing you here In my home Where […]

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A hit That never bruises A cut That doesn’t bleed. This is something This is what I live with Yelling That cuts sharper than any knife Words That will bruise as black as his soul. This is something. This is my life I cannot be free I am pinned I am trapped. I cannot breath. […]

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So, Wednesday. Remediation. Yay! (Yes, that is sarcasm. Well not really. I have art for my remediation.) But yeah. So, today the school decided to offer a challenge. The rules were to build the tallest structure using string, duct tape, and 20 pieces of dried spaghetti. The goal was for the structure┬áto hold a marshmallow […]

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Indie Trash

Yep. That’s me. Indie trash. I’m fairly new trash, but trash all the same. From artists like Brooke Fraiser to Vance Joy. I have become a sucker for slow Indie rock. Not that it’s a bad thing. But no one else I’m friends with really likes it. So I’m just jamming out to songs like […]

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I am currently in an art class right now. It is the definition of amazing. We recently did a photo shoot to display what art is to ourselves. I wanted to share my top five. These are my photos. This shows what perspectives I take on the world. I am generally looking up at something […]

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