Let me begin by wishing you all a happy holidays! It’s the season for it. I hope you have a happy get together planned.

Now. As I may have mentioned before. I celebrate Christmas with the rest of my family. We’re big on holidays as a general rule.

You will then begin to wonder why I’m tying in the holidays with being selfish. I thought the holidays were for giving of ourselves or sharing love and kindness.

But there is a situation that has come up in my family where selfishness has lead to death. I really and truly wish I was kidding.

This year a distant real active of mine drank himself into the grave. He was, quite literally, found on the side of the road, and drunk within an inch of death.

This man has two kids, no legal job, no insurance, and it’s Christmas. And he went out drinking and did drugs.

This mans life has been a series of poor life choices. He got paid, drank himself into oblivion, was robbed of the little money he had left, and dumped on the side of the road to die by a notorious drug group. Selfish.

I’m sorry, but he could have waited at least past the holidays. Not force his kids to remember Christmas as the day he died.

Thank god he is able to donate at least a few of his organs.

This bring me up to my actual point. Share of yourself. Organ donation isn’t for everyone. I’m not going to say that every should be one. I’m not. The idea doesn’t sit right with me at this point. But do a simple act of kindness this holiday season.

Happy Holiday!