Living Alone

I am a freshman in college, and I have suffered and survived a full semester. As I head into my second semester I have realized the power of living alone. In a dorm.

Let me start off by saying, I was making myself physically sick worrying about having a roommate. I also did not vet for one as well as I should have. So, she’s never here, and I’m alone.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, or a good thing.

It’s just a thing.

I get by on phone calls and messaging with my friends from back home. I am currently on Tiner to just see if I can’t meet some people (seriously, haven’t made any friends that haven’t transferred).

My fridge has become super depressing with the number of leftovers in it that are meant for 2 and not one. So I have found ways to stretch pizza to last 3 meals or more. I have an aloe plant named Herman. I keep a mini trampoline under my bed. I knit.

There are ways to cope with living alone.

I just fear that if anything (God forbid) were to happen to me. No one would know if I didn’t come back for a few days.

The good always comes with the bad.

4 thoughts on “Living Alone

  1. Hey, hang in there! There really are pros and cons to living alone—I’m a college sophomore and lived with a random roommate last year. She was incredibly nice but our sleep schedules didn’t align and our room was tiny, so I definitely saw the appeal of space to call my own. Is Bumble big on your campus? It has a friend finder feature. Good luck (and not to be dramatic but I’m already in love with Herman!)


    1. I am looking into an apartment, but I don’t think it’s going to work out by the time I have to pick a hall. But Herman is amazing! And I planted some daisies that I’m still trying to find a name for!

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