What I Have Learned In College

Update on my life: I started College. I moved into my dorm on the 18th and today is my first day of classes.

Note: I started out with good intentions, but it’s only gone down hill from there. I laid out my outfit, which was very cute in my opinion. I had all of my books in my bag. My laptop was charging. As was my phone. I had figured out my bus route to make it to class on time. I was set.

Here’s the moment it starts going to pot. I packed the wrong books, notebooks, and printed out pages. You see, my college starts classes on a Tuesday. Can you guess what this genius of a girl did? I packed all of my Monday class supplies. And I panicked.

Correction. I am still panicking. My dorm is too far away for me to go and get my stuff. But I don’t want to get in trouble on my first day.

This is my life. And this is what I have learned.

1. For Land’s Sake Make Some Friends

I have spent the last four days eating by myself, walking around campus by myself. It’s extremely lonely and extremely dangerous. Especially if you end up walking across campus in the middle of the night. I am speaking from experience.

2. Your Roommate Will Not Always Be Your Best Friend

     My roommate is never actually in our room. It’s not a bad setup, but please refer to point #1, where I am walking everywhere by myself. She actually has a boyfriend that has an apartment off campus. So, where most people have a built in buddy for the first week, I am fending for myself.

3. Triple Check Your Everything The Night Before

Or you’ll end up like me. Check your schedule. Check your bag. Check your books. Check your outfit. Check the bus if you take it. Just check everything.

4. Buy This


You will thank me when the cafeteria food kills your stomach and you become good friends with the porcelain throne. I love the fruity kind because you can say you were using perfume if anyone asks. But also tell them. Every college kid should have this.

5. Get A Super Fluffy Mattress Cover

Get one that will make you not want to get out of bed in the morning. Get a mattress cover that comes with a pillow if you can find it.

6. Walking Shoes

I get it. Everyone wants to look nice and put together for college because we are apparently adults or something. Screw that. I walk 10+ miles a day, doing mostly stairs. Get. Good. Shoes. Not shoes that will look cute. Get shoes that you would be prepared to walk the entirety of Magic Kingdom in.

Please take what I have learned in two days and put it towards what you do in your life as a college student.