Descendants 2 Review

I am a bit late to the game on this, but Descendants 2 premiered on Disney Channel on July 31. I did not get a chance to watch it live, but I have watched it online more recently. And I have to say, it’s honestly amazing. Though the ending is a bit dissatisfying.

I must warn you that if you haven’t seen this movie yet there will be spoilers after this point. Though please follow this link to watch it: .

The movie opens with a dream like session set to music. Explaining how the Villian Kids take over Auradon prep. The scene has some intense choreography, even having a handicapped girl involved. It then turns to a very pushy interview, focusing on Mal.

Mal appears to be settling into her role in the royal court as best as she can. But even to me, it looks overwhelming. Mal doesn’t look happy until Ben steps in and takes over, and that’s not the Mal that was shown during the original movie.

Evie, though, Evie seems perfectly happy. She has started a breakout fashion business where girls are literally fighting to get a fitting with her. Doug is happy to let her run her life and make her own decisions. And Evie is just exuding confidence, and I am extremely happy for her.

In another scene, it shows Mal using her spellbook to remember information about the royal court and all that that position entails. The movie then has Evie speaking of how all the other villain kids turned in their parent’s relics to the museum, and she recommends that Mal does the same. I don’t like how they did that. Those relics were the only thing that those kids had received from their parents, probably ever. And I don’t think it’s right that it was expected of them to hand those important items over. I know I wouldn’t want to hand over my grandfather’s antique pocket watch, and that is the only thing he has ever given me.

Jay and Carlos both seem to be settling into Auradon life just as well as Evie. What with Jay being so popular with the ladies. And Carlos wanting to ask Jane out. They both seem happy, which is more than I can say for Mal. At this point in the movie, it shows Jane rapidly trying to discuss the decorations for the Cotillion. Mal turns green, not literally, it’s just that her eyes start glowing. Which makes me think that she’s got a few anger issues with everything that is going on.

And this is the moment that the hero of the hour has arrived, Ben. Who just so happens to interrupt Mal finding out about how she is practically engaged to Ben. I don’t like how this scene played out, though it has some cute elements. What with the “Hi Ben,” from Jane, Evie, and Lonie, the attempt at a cool down that Mal does. It’s a cute scene, but I don’t like how Mal was informed about the borderline engagement. But I love Ben’s stained glass surprise for Mal.

Chad is the next piece of the cast that we see for an encore in this sequel. It shows him getting fitted for a cape that is over halfway finished. Evie saves the project by telling him how kingly Chad is. I do not believe that he is kingly, just annoying. And Chad is annoyed at Jay because he was named the captain of another sports team. I cannot fault the decision of naming Jay, the captain. The boy grew up fighting, running, and stealing, he probably knows how to do a few sports from his time on the Isle. We are also informed of how Chad both dated and dumped by Audrey, who appears to be playing around to find a new Ben.

We also see one of my favorite moments from the movie. Evie finding out that she will be able to afford the castle of her dreams, without a prince. But she chooses to love Doug, and that is amazingly powerful for young girls to hear. Girls are able to hear about Evie making a life for herself without a man needing to do everything for her.

Can I just say that I really need a Ben in my life? I am all about independence for women, but I am also all about a purple scooter as a gift.

And apparently ogres like cheese puffs. Someone should have told Harry Potter.

Alrighty. So, there’s is also a sport that is some kind of a cross between fencing and parkour. Which looks totally awesome, but doesn’t allow women to play. Which sucks. I am also wondering how Jay didn’t realize that it was a girl coming at him with a sword. Look down, dude. The same situation was in Mulan when Shang had Mulan and could have just looked down. You can also see her sports bra in the arm holes of the uniform. At this point, I’m just getting annoyed. Also, Lonie’s hair is just as long as Jay’s, which says something about Jay. And Mulan brings up her kick butt mom. And Carlos still can’t manage to ask out Jane. In his defense, he was friend zoned.

Googling how to get out of the friend zone.

Panicked Mal pacing with the green eyed freak out. I give the director points for showing what it’s like to be famous. It can’t be easy.

Chad also knows how to break into Jay and Carlos’s room. God, I hate him.

Carlos also gets Mal to make him a truth gummy which makes Dude talk. A rather hilarious moment to be honest.

Oh. Here’s the good part. We get to meet Uma and her crew. I gotta say, Harry Hook is rather handsome, what with the accent, the eyes, the crazy appearance. Gil, on the other hand, is an idiot. And then we get the song “What’s My Name”. Which also has amazing choreography and bridge. And I have to give props to the costume designer. The braids on Uma are gorgeous. Also, there is a CGI Ursala moment.

Then we see Mal and Ben’s argument. I just don’t understand why it’s so bad that Mal uses magic. She was put under enormous ammounts of pressure from all sides. And she feels the need to run away. Which is also a bit dramatic, but still.

I have a question, how do those new posters make it onto the Isle? Does someone go there once a month a just put them up? Are they magically put there?

And Ben has a secretary named Debra. Seriously? But at least Ben understands that he was a jerk. I don’t like the fact that Evie goes back to the Isle, she hated it, but she goes back for Mal.

And Dizzy is amazing. She is the new Villian kid that is the daughter of Drizela. Dizzy is an aspiring hair artist that is being given “the old Cinderella treatment” by her grandmother, Lady Tremaine. And she gets Mal back to her famous purple locks.

One thing that annoys me is that Mal stands by while Dizzy is robbed by Harry Hook.

And I love how much Evie is a fashion perfectionist. I also find it hilarious how the gang thinks that a few drop clothes are going to hide a limo. And then Evie is robbed by kids that can’t be older than six. And Ben wanders off by himself. The gang now gets to explain how to start “Chillin Like A Villian”. Evie’s boots are legit awesome and I now want a pair. I also love Mal’s apartment. But where was it in the last film? And how is no one else living there now, since she moved to Auradon?  But she obviously shared with Evie at some point.

I’m just now realizing that I am not even half way through this movie and I am way over my expected (or usual) word count.

But Ben just said he loved her, and she stayed silent. And now my heart is just slightly broken.

So I am going to stop. For now, but I’ll finish eventually. I am currently at 46 minutes and 20 seconds.