Do you ever see how power can be intoxicating?

How people can become drunk with power?

People abuse power as well.

In how they make decisions, it can be obvious how people in power work.

Snape abused power.

Voldemort wanted power.

Umbridge was the worst character to have power.

But they all had power over people’s lives.

Parents are the first people that have power in our lives. What with how they made us (or chose us, in adopted kids cases). Parents teach us the right and wrongs in life. Or they are supposed to.

Sometimes the teaching is left to the paid professionals. The actual, underpaid teachers are our next authority figures.

Then you have people in government. People who we work for.

But we have power ourselves. We have the power to chose to go left or right. The power in our lives is in the choices we make.

That’s how we maintain power in our lives.

And we have to keep that power.