Last Man Standing

Can you tell what I’ve been binge watching on Netflix?

Last Man Standing.

I grew up watching Tim Allen on his show about being a carpenter. So, seeing him on a family oriented show was a good kind of a throwback for me.

Now, the show is conservative, Christian-based, and has a ton of political opinions.

The show started during Obama’s stay in the White House, and it’s obvious in the opinions of the character’s.

With the military, gun control, women’s rights, and immigration being brought to the forefront of the show’s scripts. With the light-hearted humor having a serious underbelly.

Throughout the seasons the Baxter’s (the main family in the show) meet multiple groups of people that can bring these issues more into the limelight.

This show has been canceled recently because of its politics. Though I do not agree with the reasoning for its cancellation, there is nothing I can do about it. But I can let people know about it. I would recommend it, even if you don’t believe in the politics. It’s a good show for just some easy laughs.