More Scholarships

Ok. It’s not that I hate scholarships. I love the fact that I can get free money. The part that I hate is the endless applying for the free money.

Because God knows that I’m broke.

So, I have to think about what exactly I have done in the past four years of my life. And I’ve got to tell you. There isn’t much there. Another thing is… I didn’t even like doing half the stuff I put down.

Golf tournaments. Golf team. Golf fundraisers.

Hated that. Hate this. Hated that one too.

And another thing.

The essays.

They make me think about who I am as a person. Who I want to become. What I intend to do with my life. My future goals. Why I deserve the money.

I don’t know. I still don’t know. Why the fuck would I know. And I am fucking BROKE.

But I can’t just put that. I have to put down some bullshit I’ve memorised over past three months.

I am a hard working and dedicated student that loves volunteer work. I want the become a historian for a museum. I plan on teaching, writing, and working in archaeology. I want to become a professor at a university. I will use it to further my education so that I may be able to spread knowledge to the far reaches of the world.

That sums up every essay I have written.

Every. Single. One.

But I have to find a way to stretch it to 500 words.

Tell me how to do that.

So, yeah, love the free money. Hate the applications.