Crap Day

That’s right.

I have had one hell of a day. No, seriously, I feel like I have been through hell and back in just under 7 hours. Didn’t think it was possible, but I was proven wrong in that aspect. Because God For Fucking bid I be sick for a day.

I just cannot believe the nerve of people.

I am currently still sick, so I have no voice at the moment. I am then forced to read an entire paragraph in fucking Spanish. n a class full of people that have no qualms when it comes to laughing at me.

Now, I have to explain something for this to even remotely make sense.

So, I am supposed to be in the library during my fourth period. Good, that is what I signed up for. But please take note of the word ‘supposed’ in the previous sentence. That is correct. I am not in the library, ever.

I am sent to volunteer in the literal version of hell.

It is awful. The teacher cannot teach. At all. I don’t know where the hell she got certified, and I don’t know how, and or why.

But oh my god. She is a bitch to me. Especially today. She yelled at me because I was out sick. Guess what? Someone was supposed to take my turn in hell. But the asshole skipped out. He was all “oh, yeah, I went up there”. Bullshit! I call fucking bullshit on that!

So I got the ass ripping.

I get it. I get why he didn’t want to go. But, for god’s sake, suck it up like the rest of us do and get it over with!

So yeah. I hope all of y’all’s days are better.

Oh. By the way. I took over the bitch’s class. And they paid better attention to me, a 17-year-old, untrained, unpaid student; than they did to her.

That is all.