So, Wednesday. Remediation. Yay! (Yes, that is sarcasm. Well not really. I have art for my remediation.) But yeah.

So, today the school decided to offer a challenge.

The rules were to build the tallest structure using string, duct tape, and 20 pieces of dried spaghetti. The goal was for the structure to hold a marshmallow at the tallest point.

It didn’t seem that hard. And it really wasn’t. Most groups tried building varying sizes of teepee-shaped structures. My group went with the box method.

It ended up being 39 inches tall. And looked like the Empire State Building. Which looked pretty cool.

My point to this is, that sometimes it’s nice to do a silly challenge with friends. It’ll be fun. And there’s no pressure if you mess up. But find something fun to do, because you need to make memories with your friends.