Such a happy topic, I know.

My state has this program called VIP For A VIP. It’s to prevent distracted and drunk driving. And it’s a great program. Because so many teens die in car accidents.

My dad’s a fireman, paid and volunteer. So he sees a lot of accidents and deaths. And I don’t always like my dad (I will always love him, just not always like him), but I don’t want to be one of the kids he has to pull from a car.

The VIP program brings in families that have lost children to car accidents. And it’s heartbreaking.

The program also simulates a car crash. And the worst part isn’t the blood or the voice in the background that represents the victim’s thought process. The worst part is the screams. The mum’s screams. Blood-curdling, heartbreaking screams of “take me and not my baby. Let me die in their place”. It’s the worst part of the entire presentation.

Because you know that someone, somewhere is screaming those exact words.

Don’t do that to your mum or dad.

Because they are left with a living hell without you in it.

Be safe and be smart.