Happy Easter! Or whatever!

Yeah. So. Holidays in my family are an absolute hell.

My mum has two sisters that are married with kids.

And we are loud. Like extremely loud. We have gotten noise complaints from neighbours about our noise level.

So, yeah, loud ass family. That’s us.

Also, appreciate that my dad hates holidays. I have covered how much I love to piss my dad off. So guess who goes loco for holidays? That’s right. This girl.

It’s Easter tomorrow. Which means that my dad’s pissed as hell about the decorations and eating all the candy. My mum is freaking out over last minute gift wrapping. My sister is on the phone planning a shopping trip. And I am writing this.

This is, not shockingly, the calm before the storm.

So, happy Easter. Eat some chocolate. Go to church if you’d like.