Please allow me to warn you that I completely suck at Spanish.

I love the culture. I love the history. I just cannot do the Spanish class to save my life.

I go every day. I ask questions. I take good notes. I don’t fall asleep. I’m a good student overall. But oh my god I suck at the tests.

I don’t get it. I study. I work hard. I just can’t seem to be successful in this class.

It is my most dreaded class of the day.

So, my school has this exam policy. If you miss one day and make a C in the class, you don’t have to take the exam. I missed one day, but I scraped by with a B, barley. God knows that I started screaming when I saw my report card.

I have a C in the class currently. I don’t know how. I’ve turned in all the work.

Basically, this post is my procrastinating from looking at my grades and studying for a quiz.

Peace ou ya’ll.