Beauty and The Beast (2017)

Can we just discuss this movie for a quick minute.

First off… Hello Emma Watson, the perfect girl for the job of portraying Belle. The girl literally portrayed Hermione from Harry Potter. Being a massive bookworm is something Ms. Watson knows how to play. And let me just say she does a beautiful job of it. With the amount of sass and sarcasm and love of Shakespear, Belle is a girl that wants more than this provincial life has to offer.

Luke Evans, an openly gay man, gives Gaston a new light. Gaston’s love of war still plagues him 12 years after the end of the fighting. Gaston in the live action holds the majority of the qualities that the original animated version had. There is still no hope of holding a conversation with someone if a mirror is anywhere near him.

LeFou! Oh, LeFou was lovely! Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf from Frozen did a fantastic job on LeFou and portraying him. The nod to illiteracy made a history nerd like me exceptionally happy. The fact of his being gay was also addressed multiple times. Though most appeared to be played off for laughs. Let it be known that the song “Gaston” has the most of the underlying gayness involved.

The Beast was a feat of CGI magic and I can happily say that I am glad to have witnessed. Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey gave life and soul to a man that was cursed. But let me just say, other than the library scene, the growl at the end after everyone is human again is one of my favourite Beast moments.

Overall, the movie was beautiful and gave life to my childhood princess goals.

P.S. I still want that library!