Oh my god. Let it be known that teachers job are a hell of a job.

The reason I say this is because I assist in two classes this semester.

And it is insane. You don’t get thanked. Kids blame you for their bad grades. You get cussed out. You end up wanting to curse the students.

You learn about kids who have some of the worst home lives, and maybe that’s why their grades suck. Or maybe the smartest kid in the class has to find time to do homework at school because they are raising their siblings.

You learn humility because you have to ask someone with more experience for an idea on how to teach a lesson better.

You learn that sometimes you need to call in some adultier adults to help you handle a class. And that’s ok.

Sometimes kids suck.

Sometimes people and life in general just suck.

You’ve gotta deal. If you fail, two people suffer. You, as the teacher, and the student.

Everyone needs to try their best at what they do. I hate teacher assisting with the math class I handle. The teacher and students both are terrible. But I still do my best. I help where I can. I don’t let my personal feelings about something show while I’m working in a position of teacher assisting. The same rule should apply to everyone for everything.

And if you do happen to like a teacher tell them thank you. Because as soon as you leave there are papers to grade and numbers to plug in. And that is exhausting work.