I’m pissed as hell, and will probably delete this later. But for the moment I need to tell someone, or the internet, about my dad.

No, he doesn’t beat me. No, he isn’t a drunk. He’s just a jerk. An asshole. A connard. El estupido. I could go on in every language.

Let me start off by saying he did not want a daughter. He wanted a son. When he realized that he had a daughter that he was stuck with, he chose the name, Addison. Guess what my name happens to mean? To add a son. Seriously. I wish I was kidding.

Oh, I’m not finished. There’s more.

He used to coach the wrestling team at the local middle school. Guess who he taught to wrestle? That’s right. Yours truly.

He has called me fat, ugly, stupid, a pig, lazy, useless…. The list goes on.

I am 17 years old. I am about to graduate high school and go to college. In 77 days I will officially have gone further in my education than he did. I will be more educated, and I will go farther in life because of it.

It makes me mad, no, pissed off is a better term for what I’m feeling, that he is still trying to control me when I am almost a legal adult that’s going to be living on her own. It makes me pity him.

I pity the fool. I pity my father.