Storytime: Girls Golf

I am the senior member of my high school’s girl’s golf team. The team won the State Championship back in the fall.

The thing is… I don’t like golf. At all. It’s bearable in the off moments when I make a good shot. Those I can live with. But it is miserable all the other moments. The drama, the slowness, my dad. It’s just more of a hassle.

I’m not saying it’s bad if you, by chance are a girl golfer that loves the sport, but I am not a lover of golf.

It’s slow. If you are anywhere near a coach, you will miss the shot. It was an unspoken rule that if the coach was anywhere near you when you were going to swing; they were to stop and wait. Because if one of us saw you, we would, without a doubt, miss the shot. By the end of the season, I ended up telling my coach to go away if he was hanging around too much.

I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful, but, jeez, you ride my tail about it, and then you hang out, knowing that I will mess up every shot you are around.

The ring ceremony is this afternoon, for the State Championship Rings, if that explains anything.