Book Review: The Ruins of Gorlan

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Author: John Flanagan

To start with, this will have spoilers from here on out. If you don’t mind that sort of inconvenience or have read the book, then please continue. Otherwise, please read the book. It is awesome and a fairly quick read.

So. The Ruins of Gorlan could easily be considered a typical “boys book”. You’ve got your knights. Your battles. Your evil warlord trying to start a war, yet again. But, ironically, this book was recommended to me by a girl. So thanks for that dear human!

TRoG is the first in a twelve book series, so, one will have plenty of reading material if they get attached.

Based in a medieval country ruled by a king that isn’t really mentioned at ALL. The protagonist and hero of the hour is Will No-name. Yes, that is actually his name. Simply because he has no last name. That whole issue is covered in great detail throughout the entire book.

So, Will goes to join an elusive group to help save the kingdom and his mentor.

With horses and sarcasm to boot. This book is great if someone needs a quick read with some meat on the bones that isn’t too overbearing.





Side note: This review is purely an opinion piece that is not taking any rights away from Mr. Flanagan. This is also not sponsored.