Dear Diary…. Writing to Write

Dear Diary (or my audience),

Today is not my most inspired day.

I’ve done laundry. I’ve cleaned. I’ve organized my closet. Again.

So, yeah.

Nothing really inspiring is happening as of the moment.

This is why I am writing.

I have recently come down with an extreme case of writer’s block. I’ve got nothing. No inspiration. No rush to grab a pen to write down ideas. Blank. Boring.

That’s why I’m writing about my life. To help me figure out some new angle of inspiration.

And blogging is cheaper than therapy (let’s be honest).

I’m sure someone somewhere has tried this trick before me, but I’d thought I’d give it a go. See what happens, and the like.

So yeah.

Writing to simply write doesn’t seem like it would do much.

But for some reason, when I word vomit on a page, it can help. So, for some reason, today I decided to word vomit on a public platform. Because why not?

So yes, this is my diary entry for now. See if this helps or not.