A Letter to the Young Ones

Dear young humans/aliens/whatever,

As you may or may not know, I am a Senior in High School.

It’s my last year in free hell! I’m going to have to start paying for a fresh hell when I start college, but high school is now.

I have caught wind of something called the “Eraser Challenge”. It wasn’t created by my generation (for once). It was created by you guys. The younger generation.

You guys need a refresher course on the act of growing up. Y’all are going into a world filled with hate, unrest, and mistrust. You need to prepare yourselves for the reality that the world sucks. The good thing is. You can fix it. You’re not like me and my generation. We are tech savvy and dreamers. But we need a generation of doers coming up behind us. Because we are trying to fix a mess that we know nothing about.

So, I wish Generation Z the best of luck as they grow up. Because you need it, and the world needs you.


A Concerned Millennial (Yes, we exist.)