A Letter To A Friend


I noticed you stopped talking to me.

Did I do something?


What exactly did I do to make you start belittling me?

What could I have possibly done to make you act as if I don’t exist?




What could I have possibly done?

Oh no. Please explain.

Take your time.

I have all day.

Because I want to know what did to make you act this way.

So, please explain.

Was I too short?

To nerdy?

Oh. Oh. This would be perfect. Just the icing on the frickin’ cake if this is why.

Too fat?

You have seen me go through eight years of bullying over my weight.

You have seen me!

So. Do you just not care?

Not notice?

God, I thought you were a bigger person than that. (No pun intended.)

This is where we stand, I guess.

Good to know.

Thank you.

Yeah. Thanks. Thank you for making me realize that some of the nicest people on the outside can be the absolute biggest jerks on the inside.

So yes. Thank you.